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Why Guest Author for Create Dream Explore?:
  • Create Dream Explore has over 60,000-100,000 views per month.
  • Direct traffic to your blog and two social media handles within your post.
  • Post a helpful freebie within the post to drive traffic to your store.
  • View our up-to-date Alexa ranking.
What I need:
  • Teacher-Authors or someone familiar with education related needs who can provide unique and valuable content to the readers of Create Dream Explore.
  • Well organized posts free of grammatical and spelling errors. (It happens, but just be mindful)
  • Content and article must be exclusive to Create Dream Explore. Google doesn’t like duplicate content. You may write a short summary post on your site with a picture linking to the original post.
  • 1 Pin-able image that is at least 735px wide.
  • Posts that are 600-1000 words long.
Things to remember:
  • When you are thinking of a blog post idea, be sure to think about the readers of Create Dream Explore.  Not every post is guaranteed to do well, but if you have the reader in mind, the chances are greater.  If it’s informational or provides a solution to a big problem that a large group of teachers face, it will most likely do well.  Readers also are very responsive to controversial, emotional, and funny articles.
  • Images play a major role in viewership of every article on my site. Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest.  Ultimately, I have the final say on which images go up on my blog.   If I need to change or modify an image to fit the needs readers, I will. 
You may include:
  • A short biography sentence at the end of your article with a link to your blog, followed by any other social media handle links.
  • One relevant freebie if it is related to the content you are writing about.
  • Up to two links to your blog posts within the text of the post, if it is relevant. Links must be posts that add value to the post you are writing.
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