Ancient Civilizations Activities and Resources

I have compiled a list of activities and resources for teaching students about Ancient Civilizations.

This site has a few great hands on ideas:

This site has a bunch of maps including one about natural resources in Ancient Egypt:

This is a digital resource that students can work on independently using Google Slides. It can be added to Google Classroom. This is a preview of the Ancient China resource but the bundle includes Ancient Egypt, Ancient Azteks, Ancient Rome and Ancient China.

How to make papyrus:

Stem challenges for learning about Ancient Times:

Use Google Maps Street View to tour ancient civilizations sites.

Find virtual tours like this one of Ramses VI Tomb.

Make art like the Ancient Greeks:

Learn to play Egyptian Senet:

Create a spartan style helmet:

Have students create an Ancient Irrigation system.

If you have any other great ideas, leave them in the comments!

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