Digital Poem of the Week

Poetry is a fabulous tool for helping students to develop fluency and comprehension skills while reading. Using a Poem of the Week format helps them to become familiar with a piece of text through repeated reading and follow up activities. I had originally created a printable version of my Poem of the Week activities but have since adapted it to a digital version for several reasons.

I was forced to adapt my poems to a digital interactive version because of Covid-19 and needing to create items for distance learning BUT I love the interactivity of it. These are perfect for an in class learning centre as well as at home learning. Students are able to manipulate the activities in a more efficient manner. I do still believe the printable version is important because of the fine motor skill development that comes along with cut and paste activities but this is a great alternative. For example, you could have a group of students working on one of the printable activities and another group working on a different digital one but all of them working with the same poem. This is particularly beneficial for teachers who do not have 1:1 devices in their rooms.

Here is a video preview of one of the poem and activity sets for the 2nd/3rd grade bundle:

This particular set is best for 2nd/3rd graders but check out the preview because it would also work for some higher level first graders. 

My Digital Kindergarten/First Grade set can be found here.

Here is a preview for the K/First Bundle:

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