Digital Resources to use With G-Suite and Google Classroom

As many teachers begin their journeys using digital tools like Google Classroom and the rest of the G-Suite tools, it's great to have a few "go to" resources to help you get started. I have been creating digital resources for use with G-Suite for a few years now and have developed resources across several grades and subject/content areas. Below I have a brief description of the most popular of these resources along with direct links to each one. These resources can be used on a chromebook, laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Digital Resources for use with G-Suite and Google Classroom:

Digital Word Work:

The latest resource in my lineup is a set of self-grading grammar forms. Each form has a youtube video connected to it that students watch and then they completed 12-15 questions based on the concept.

This YouTube video shows how they work:

Digital Sentence Editing:

Digital Sentence Scrambles:

This is a digital sight word assessment tool. It will help you to go paperless when assessing your students sight words. The video below demonstrates how it works:

Digital Boggle is a fun word work activity for students.

Digital Math for G-Suite and Google Classroom:

These self-grading math forms have 5 questions on each form that include a variety of strands (numeration, data management, probability, geometry, algebra, and patterning). Below is a video of how they work and what is included:

Self-Grading Digital Multiplication Facts! These are great for some quick fact practice.

Digital My Life in Numbers for use with Google:

Digital Writing Resources for G-Suite and Google Classroom:

These are digital writing prompts that you can assign daily. There are picture prompts, fiction prompts, non-fiction, poetry, lists and more. You can buy them monthly or in the bundle.

This resource will help students with the organization trait and writing better beginnings, middles and endings.

Students often need support with organizing their narrative writing. This digital writing resource provides graphic organizers to support narrative writing.

Digital Reading Resources for G-Suite and Google Classroom:

This is a digital Reader's Notebook. You can assign the whole notebook to students or pull out one page and assign that to students. They can keep track of their thinking while reading or you can assign it like a book report. It can be used on any device.

I adapted my printable Poem of the Week resource and made a digital version for use with Google Slides.

All of my novel studies offer both printable and digital format. Currently there are novel studies for The City of Ember, RefugeeThe Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus, and A Wrinkle in Time:

This Digital Story Sequencing resource is good for students that need help with sequencing stories. They read the story and then move then use the moveable pieces to put the text into the correct order.

Digital ELA Morning Work: This digital comprehension resource has a reading passage for each day and a different comprehension question. Each passage is read for 5 days and goes through the close reading process. There is also a sentence editing portion on the bottom of each slide. You can purchase these as a bundle or individual sets.

Digital Science Resources for Use with GSuite and Google Classroom:

Digital Social Sciences Resources for use with GSuite and Google Classroom:

You can find all of my digital resources here.

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