The Best Read Alouds For Earth Day

On Earth Day I like to focus on activities that don't create a lot of waste. I think read alouds are a great way to do this in both the primary and middle grades. I generally read a couple of Earth Day themed books during the lead up to Earth Day and then on the actual Earth Day I also read one or two books. You can check out my recommended list of Earth Day read alouds below.

I'm all about paperless activities on Earth Day or at least activities that use minimal paper and resources so read alouds fit in perfectly with that.

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The Best Read Alouds For Earth Day

1.  Touch the Earth by Julian Lennon

I love love love this one! There's a youtube video a plastic in the ocean that you can show as well.

This is another favorite Earth Day book! 

I hope these read alouds come in handy for you on Earth Day! You can check out my other Earth Day activities here.

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