How to Make a Digital Wonder Wall

Are you trying out some new inquiry based learning strategies? Are you experienced with inquiry but limited on wall space? Are you looking to integrate more technology into your classroom? This is the perfect way to do this...a digital inquiry wonder wall. Using the web tool called Padlet you can easily create a digital wonder wall. If you're a Google Classroom students can sign in through Google as well but this isn't necessary to use it.

Read on to find out how easy it is to use Padlet!

How to Create a Digital Wonder Wall:

Padlet is a great tool for teachers to use to aid in the inquiry process. If you aren't into inquiry based learning it is still a great tool for your classroom. 

What is a Wonder Wall?:

A wonder wall is literally a wall where students write their wonders. It is often used in inquiry based learning when starting out on a new unit. Students write their wonders on sticky notes or on a chart and then you explore the learning to find out the answers to their wonderings. It's great for teachers to get an idea of what students need to learn and provides students with an opportunity to direct their learning. Wonder walls help to promote student engagement and critical thinking. 

Here is a sample of a non-digital wonder wall:

Digital wonder walls are NOT better than a regular wonder wall, they are simply another option. They are especially great if you are short on wall space BUT what I particularly like about using Padlet is that students can add voice notes, photographs and links to their wonders. It allows for more depth. When they find the answer to their wonderings they can post them right on the padlet.

Here's How it Works:

You sign into your padlet account and click on "New" in the top right corner". 

Next select the type of Padlet you want to create. I often select "Wall" but they all work well, just play around and decide which layout you prefer.

You can choose a background image for your Padlet. I selected this one because our Wonder Wall is about plants. To add posts to the wall, students click on the pink plus symbol in the bottom right corner.

This box will pop up on the screen for student to add their thoughts. You can see the icons at the bottom of their text box. They have the option to add a voice note, video, a photo, a link to another website or even attach a file! 

Students start adding their thoughts...

And magic starts to happen...

Padlet can be used for many things, a digital wonder wall is just one way that you can use it with your students.

Have you used Padlet before? Let me know in the comments below! 

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