Classroom Technology Storage Hack

I feel like I just won a million dollar home reno after using a dish drying rack for the last 2 years to store my classroom technology like my chromebooks and ipad minis. And charging station? That was a total disaster. This is a serious upgrade from what I previously had. It was so bad there are no pictures in existence of it and I photograph EVERYTHING! I couldn't be happier with this new set up. Click the read more button to find out how I set this up in my classroom!
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I wish I could take credit for this genius idea but it was actually my teaching partner that came up with this fabulous technology storage idea after he searched various websites. His arrived the next day and I promptly went and ordered a set for myself.

My classroom is nearly one to one and I have a mixture of ipad minis and chromebooks. We use devices in a variety of ways for a good portion of the day so it is important to me to have good storage.  I have 2 different brands of chromebooks as well which posed a problem for my old storage system. Only my silver Samsung Chromebooks fit well into the dish drying rack, my black Dell Chromebooks just barely squeezed in. The main problem with this technology storage solution was that once students took out most of the chromebooks it would tip over sending the remaining chromebook or two crashing down.

So this is a super simple set up but it allows me to store ALL of my classroom technology AND charge half of my devices at once. I got this 12 Compartment Organizer from Amazon and it came a day and a half after I ordered it! The best part is that more than one chromebook fits in each slot so I can double them up.

I get my students to make sure that when they put the chromebooks back they leave the charging port closest to the outside for easy access.

My other classroom technology bummer was that I didn't have enough outlets near my tech storage area. I had one power bar so I could charge 5 devices at a time plus one ipad mini in the other half of the outlet. I didn't want to have 2 power bars. So I ordered this power bar tower:

I can charge 8 chromebooks plus 4 ipad minis in the USB charging ports! It has 8 regular outlets and 4 USB slots. How awesome is that?

I don't have to worry about my students not having a charged device! They can get right to work on their google resources!

I have also had several questions on instagram and facebook about where I got my ipad mini cases from...Amazon of course! Please note that this is an affiliate link, but I am SUPER happy with these ipad mini cases. They are sturdy and have a great grip to them. They do have a little plastic stand that comes with them, they don't stay on that well but we don't use them anyway so I just pulled those off of all the ipads.
I would love to hear all about your classroom technology storage solutions and hacks! Share your ideas in the comments below. Or if you try this idea please let me know how you like it!

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