10 Things Teachers Want Parents to Know

There can sometimes be a divide between parents and teachers and that's only natural. Teachers are responsible for the most important part of parents' lives and we often only call or write home when there is a problem. This might give parents the wrong impression about how teachers feel about their child.

So parents, here are 10 things teachers want you to know:

1. We love your kid too! We love them when they are in trouble, just like you. We love them when they are getting on our nerves. We love them when they succeed, when they demonstrate kindness and strength of character. We love them when they fall down and the tears come or when their friend tells them they don't want to play with them. We love them when they misbehave and when they apologize. We love your kid too!

2. We want them to succeed and we will do everything we can to make that happen. This includes giving extra time for their work, staying in on our break to help them understand a concept, writing an IEP, sending homework home, encouraging them, pushing them, and cheering them on.

3. We gave them a D because that is what they earned, not because we don't like them. In fact, we gave them that D in the hopes that they would work harder (see number 2). If your child got a D (or an F) because of a learning disability, we just need that grade to help document the fact that your child learns differently. This documentation will help us to get more support for your child so that they can succeed.

4. Grades and test scores DO NOT define your child! Their character is what defines them. We spend a lot of time in school working on building positive character traits so that your child will succeed in life.

5. Please DO NOT ask us to change your child's grade. Please do not blame us for your child's grade. At some point, you need to teach them to be responsible. Teach them to use the grade as a learning experience and a reason to work harder. And trust that your child's teacher is working hard on their end to help your child improve their grades.

6. We see the good in EVERY child. Sometimes you only hear from us when things go wrong but we do see the good. Our days are hectic and we often forget to tell you when your child has done something awesome, or when they had a "lightbulb moment" or when they read a word that they couldn't read the day before, or finally figured out their nine times tables. We see these moments every day and we celebrate them with your child.

7. If we call you to tell you that your child has done something wrong, please believe us. Please don't say, "What did the other kid do?" We have nothing to gain from lying. We want your child to succeed. We are calling you in the hopes that we can work together to change the behavior or make the situation right. We aren't calling to tattle on your child, we aren't calling to make you feel bad or guilty (though as a mom I know you will feel this way anyway), we aren't attacking you or your child, we aren't picking on your child. We want to help them! We want them to succeed.

8. We want to work with you, not against you.

9. We hate homework as much as you and your child do. 

10. We love your kid, too!

You might have noticed a common theme! We love your child...and we want them to succeed!

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