Use Sequencing to Improve Writing and Comprehension! (FREEBIE INSIDE)

Story sequencing is a key comprehension strategy that students should be able to do. Being able to sequence events in a story or reading passage allows students to organize the ideas in their mind. They can identify the beginning, middle, and end and recognize that texts have an order.

Not only will practising sequencing improve their reading comprehension skills but it is also an important skill for writing. Students need to understand that their writing has to be in an order that makes sense. Too often, we see writing that is all over the map. We've all had those little bunnies who just want to get their ideas on paper regardless of whether the order makes sense!
Using a template for students to follow when they are beginning to plan their writing is also very beneficial! Check out these FREE templates for story writing from Reading Rockets.

On top of improving their reading comprehension and writing organization, sequencing can improve other skills across the curriculum. For example, being able to sequence is an important skill for science (describing the order of steps in an experiment, or the order in which their observations occurred), for math (ordering steps for problem solving, order of operations etc.), social studies (timelines)....I could go on! 

So you can see that this is an important skill to teach our students. My favorite way to teach sequencing is to write my own mixed up story on chart paper or display it with a projector. I try to make it really silly so it's obvious to the students that things are out of order. Then we work together to fix it up. 

If you click here or on the image below you can see some of the sequencing passages I have used with my students. And if you keep on scrolling you will see a link to a free sequencing activity....yes it is Christmas themed but I promise it will come in handy! 

Click here or the image below for a FREE Sequencing activity!

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