Monday Made It: Pinterest Board Covers

I'm linking up with Tara from Fourth Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It linky.

I've recently seen several people makeover their Pinterest board covers and I think it creates a nice uniform look.  I always felt my boards looked cluttered...and I HATE clutter! 

So my Monday Made It this week is my new Pinterest board covers:

When making an image for your covers the important thing is that you need to resize your image to something smaller. If you leave the image full size it won't look right in the window for your board, parts of it will be cut off.

I made my covers in powerpoint.  First I made a rectangle shape that was 3 inches by 4.7 inches (approximately 7.62cm by 11.94cm).

Then I changed the background color of the shape to the color that I wanted and added in a frame and fancy fonts. I grouped all of the images together and clicked, "save as image" on the shape itself. VOILA new pinterest covers. It took me about an hour and a half to do all of them and was well worth it!

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Now I'm off to declutter my house!