Beginning of the Year Read Alouds! So excited!

One of the best ways to start your day is waking up to an Amazon shipment on your front door step!

Oh yes, this is how I started my day. I knew that despite my stupid summer head cold, today would still be a great day! So, I'm linking up with Deanna Jump for her Book Talk Tuesday Linky!

I actually got 5 books in the mail today but I'm only going to tell you about 3 of them. I'll save the other 2 for a rainy day.

I got this beautiful box set called the Peter Reynolds Creatrilogy Box Set (Dot, Ish, Sky Color)

All three books in this set are must read for your students in the first weeks of school or even for your own children...I know I will be reading these books to my own kids before I take them to school.

One of the books is fairly well known. It's called The Dot.

This book is great for helping you to instill a growth mindset in your classroom. I'm going to blog about growth mindset in another post but in simple terms it's this: "I can't do that.....YET". This is the motto in my classroom. I try to remind my students all the time that they can do whatever they put their mind to, it might take longer for some but they can achieve anything.

The next book in the set is in, "Wow that sweater is sort of ugly-ish" (that would be my mom thinking that she's subtle).

I'm sure you've had a student who will sit there, and sit there, and sit there doing nothing. Then when you finally get to them to see what they have accomplished, their page is blank or worse, they've drawn a whole picture or written a whole story and then erased it all. Why? Because it wasn't perfect. It wasn't exactly how they pictured it in their mind.  This book encourages students to keep trying and that as long as it is "Ish", it's okay and someone will love it.

The third book in the Creatrilogy is called Sky Color :

This book will help your students to consider different perspectives.  In Sky Color the little girl wants to paint the sky but she doesn't have any blue paint.  She's very upset and thinks she can't paint the sky unless she has blue paint.  Throughout the day she watches the sky and sees a variety of different colors and shades.  She comes to realize that the sky is not always blue. Depending on how and when you look at it, it can be orange, yellow, gray, purple and a whole host of other colors. It's a lovely book!

If you don't already own these books you definitely should! And just about any other books by Peter Reynolds as well!

Happy Reading

If you're looking for Earth Day read alouds you can check out this post!

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  1. Those look like great books. Good life lessons. Kids definitely need them! Thanks for sharing!
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

    1. I totally agree that they have great life lessons!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I own and use all of these the first weeks of school. Love them all!!

  3. Peter Reynolds came to our school a few years back and it was amazing! I have 2 of the 3 and I read them every year. I'm off to put Sky Color on my amazon list! ~ Lisa

    1. WOW Lucky you guys! I would love for him to visit our school, what a great experience that would be.

  4. Heidi - your blog name is sooo cute! I just found you and so glad I did...I'm your newest follower. :o)
    Teaching and Much Moore

    1. Hi Vicky, always happy to have new followers! Welcome aboard!

  5. I am honored with your spotlight of my books and the missions tucked within them. I love "connecting the dots" with creative, kindred spirits. International Dot Day is accelerating this connections... Thanks for highlighting Ish and Sky Color. I wrote all three as a connected series... one leading to the next. The Creatrilogy box set nicely presents them all together. I am not sure if the 10th anniversary Edition is still available - but it comes with a blank book and watercolor pencils... By the way, is a great way to locate books locally -independent bookstores can often fulfill orders almost as fast as Amazon : ) I know personally - as I own a bookshop in the Boston area. :) Thanks again for sharing my work - I loved the "posters" you created - and enjoyed the wonderful comments posted!

  6. What a great idea for your blog with highlighting your favorite books. What a great way to inspire others to read and to explore a new author. Thanks for sharing!

  7. It's wonderful the way you share these reading ideas for the young ones - hopefully they will learn to love books as much as electronic devices ;-) My daughter and I have just come out with a new children's book that you might also like, called My Pet Cloud. It's a story told through the voice of a little boy and teaches outside-the-box thinking, also gives children a sense of trust in those we are connected to. I would be very honored for you to take a Look Inside!