End of the Year! YIPEE

I know a lot of you are already done for the year and quite possibly might be enjoying a margarita as we speak...sadly I go right until the end of June.

If you're still looking for some end of the year activities I've got a couple options for you:

If you read, "The Important Book" by Margaret Wise Brown with your students this year, they will love this end of year activity.  It's kind of like a memory book but they follow the pattern of The Important Book and share the most important things about their year.  Click Here or on the images below to visit my TPT store:

Students simply follow the text pattern but add their own information to personalize it.  

If you don't know about The Important Book, you should definitely check it out. It's a great pattern book that can be used to inspire writing on just about any topic!

We will also be doing a memory book. Students just love to get those autographs from their friends!  This memory book is printer friendly and has both the Canadian and American spelling of favorite/favourite and is meant for students from first to third grade. Click Here or the image below to check it out in my store.

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