End of the School Year Part 2!

It's every teacher's favorite time of year! The last two weeks of school...I find it to be the best time for community building and doing some really fun activities as things wind down.

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs to share my second last week of school with you!

We finished reading the book, Freckle Juice by Judy Blume.  It's such a great book! I love doing things with read alouds to help bring the book alive for my students. I decided to surprise them with my own version of freckle juice, only I didn't tell them it was my own recipe. I let them think I made it just like it was in the book (olive oil and all).  Then I had one very brave student come up and taste it. He told the class how great it was and I pretended that freckles were appearing all over his face...the other kids of course went along with it.  We had him going for a few minutes but then we let him in on the joke. 

My secret #notsosecret recipe was just grape juice, orange soda, and lime soda all mixed together.

We started our end of the year balloon pop countdown! Inside of each balloon is an activity that we will complete the following day. I cannot take credit for this idea...but I also have no idea where it came from! If you know whose original idea this was please leave me a comment so I can give them some credit.

Here are the activities I included in each balloon:

board game day
paper airplane day
field trip
Play Day (Field Day)
Movie Day
Special Treat
Freckle Juice
Special Science Experiment
Shaving Cream on the desks (then they play around with it)
Class Dojo Party (last day)

We've been working away on our End of the Year Important Books! They love thinking back to all of the important things we have done over the year.  Click on the above image to find this item in my store.

My awesome new teacher shirt arrived and I cannot wait to wear it on the last day of school!! My teaching partners will have one as well.  I got this shirt from this store (click here).  They had very quick shipping, the shirt is excellent quality and I will definitely buy from them again!

For some reason blogger won't let me upload my last images tonight....I will try again tomorrow.

But I will tell you what they were...I GOT A NEW VAN!

My good ol' Cavalier bit the dust after 11 good years.  I never thought I would ever own a minivan. My husband and I always said, "We are NOT minivan" people.  Now here we are with one and I love it.  So much storage space!


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