Likely or Unlikely? Teaching Probability

We finished our probability unit this week! I posted last week about some of the things we have been doing during our probability unit so I will recap those and tell you about how we finished off!

We began by reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which is a great book for introducing probability and whether things are likely, unlikely, certain or impossible.

We followed up the book by organizing events into categories. I gave the students a list of events and they had to cut them out and glue them onto their page in the correct category. We then shared our work with the class.

During writing time we worked on our probability booklets.  Students had to write about events that they felt were likely, unlikely, certain or impossible. They drew pictures to go along with it which they loved. Some of them came up with some really cute ideas for things that were impossible (e.g., a monster was going to come into our classroom and eat all of our math work).

I wrote a pretend letter from the President of the Spin It to Win It board game company.  He asked my students to be testers for his new board game. They had to determine if the game was fair or not fair and they had a question and answer sheet to fill out. They then wrote him back a letter telling him how they felt about his game and what improvements could be made to it. 

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I'm also linking up with Krista from Teacher MOMster for her Math Madness Linky. Check our her blog for some more great ideas on probability by clicking on the image below.

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  1. I love that you are incorporating probability into your entire day! And, I really love the idea of your kids "testing" out the games for the company! So cute! Thanks for linking up.

    Teaching Momster