Mother's Day Classroom Activity

Every year Mother's Day sneaks up on me and I am always trying to plan something last minute.

So on Tuesday I was browsing Pinterest when I came across this really cute Card/Lap Book by Jennifer Drake. If you don't know what a lap book is just check out the pictures and it should be clear. Basically, you use a plain folder and you take the sides and fold them into the middle so you have two flaps. Your students decorate the flaps and the inside of the folder with things related to the topic you want to cover (in this case it was Mother's Day).

We started off by doing this cute hand print flower bouquet that Jennifer suggested in her product. She made a poem to go with it which is just darling!

Next, I had my students complete the various pages included in the product. They colored each page and glued them into the folder.  Jennifer includes several interactive pieces where Mom will have to open the flaps to see what their child wrote about them.

We worked on the front cover once we were done the inside.  I LOVE the cute present that gets glued in the middle and then you cut it in half, tie it with a ribbon and you have a sweet little gift!.

We glued our flower bouquets on the back last because they took a little while to dry. I just love how these turned out! And I know the mom's love it too! I ran into one of the moms today while shopping and she was gushing over it (her daughter was too excited to wait until Mother's Day to give it to her).

So if you're like me and you are looking for a cute and easy Mother's Day activity, this should be your go to! You can click on the images above or right here to get your copy.

The best part is that Jennifer also has one for Father's Day! So, now when Father's Day sneaks up on me I already have our activity planned out!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mom's, step moms, aunts, grandmas and special ladies out there! YOU ROCK!


  1. We made these too! This was a fun read! Thanks for the pics.

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