Five for Friday: Saturday Edition!

I've been busy, busy, busy working on my new Poem of the Week Activity packs...I ended up falling asleep at 8 pm last night, I was zonked!

So, here I am today working on a blog post to share all the great things we've been doing this week! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five For Friday (Saturday Edition)

We started working on probability this week. I started us off by reading, "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". 

Then I had my students organize various events into the categories, "Certain, Likely, Unlikely and Impossible".

They completed this practice page for homework from my probability unit:

We began learning about non-fiction text features. We spent a lot of time exploring books and then we completed a non-fiction text feature scavenger hunt. The kids had a lot of fun with that! If you would like a FREE copy of the scavenger hunt page just click here.

We've been spending a lot of time working through the writing process during writer's workshop. I love using this clip chart to keep us organized. My students move their clips along on the chart as they complete each stage of the writing process. It helps me to know where everyone is at when I'm not able to meet with each student in a given day.

This writing process clip chart is available in my store by clicking here or on the image above.

I finished Poem of the Week Bundle #1! There are 20 original poems with 5 activities for each poem.  They are great for building fluency and word work activities! I start each week by introducing a poem through Guess the Covered Word.  I project it on to my smart board and slide the text box off of each word. Then each day of the week we do one of the poetry activities. You can get the bundle by clicking here and my Guess the Covered Word power point by clicking here.  You can also get a FREE sample of my poem of the week activities here.

I finished the week off by taking my sweet little 5 year old to her first dress rehearsal for dance!


  1. I love Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! Great choice! (but it is another book that has been made into a movie which I don't think is as good as the book!) I love teaching poetry and am planning a poetry unit for next year. I love the ideas you have. Thanks for sharing!
    Reading and Writing Redhead

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      I agree the book is better than the movie!

  2. I love your great ideas for probability. They look like they'd be perfect for my Math centers. I'll be picking the package up on the TpT sale today. 👏

    1. Hi Debbie, they work really well as centers! That's how I used them with my students.

      Hope you got a lot of great things during the sale!