Have you heard of Remind 101??

I just discovered this little gem of an app recently after a colleague shared it with me!

It's an app that lets you text all your student's parents at once but they can't text you back! It assigns you with a fake phone number so that's what shows up when you send the message.  

We use agenda books with all of the students at my school and each day the students write a message in their agenda to let their parents know what is happening at school that week.  It would come in handy particularly if you forget to have them put certain things in the agenda like, "Crazy Hair Day Tomorrow" and then everyone else has crazy hair but your students....not that this has ever happened to me before ***looks around with shifty eyes***.  

I plan to start using this app in September with my next bunch of munchkins.

Do you use any apps like this? I would love to hear from you to see how it is working for you.  Leave a comment below!