Raz Kids! My Favorite Educational App!

Big shout out to my friend and co-worker Libby for introducing me to Raz kids! MUAH

This app has been a god send to my classroom.  When I'm doing guided reading, I know that my students are actively engaged in reading activities, all because of this app.  How do I know they are all actively engaged you might ask???

Well, because Raz Kids tells me they are! This app sends you reports of your students activity.  It shows how many books they have read, it tells you if they understand what they are reading and will even do a running record for you!

If you don't have mobile devices for your classroom you can still access Raz Kids! It can be accessed online through http://www.raz-kids.com.

Another great thing about Raz Kids is that it can be accessed at home.  

The app is free to download but it's only a trial version.  In order to have full access you need to purchase a membership.  I was lucky because my administrator saw great value in the app and she bought licenses for each teacher at our school! 

Definitely check it out! I think you'll be sold.