It's Penguin Time!

These clocks are great for teaching your students about time.  It works for a great visual.  I often make a time on my clock and have them copy it. Or I call out a time for them to make on their mini clocks while I keep it hidden on my large clock. Then after they all have their clocks up I reveal the answer on mine for them to check.

You can get your own class set by clicking on the image above or below:

We share this set among the staff at our school and you can tell by the box that it has been well used!

After practicing making different times on our clocks today we played a matching game with my new Penguin Time Match Up set:

The great thing about this set is that it comes in very colorful penguins or black and white penguins.

We don't have a color printer at my school so I did them in black and white but copied them onto colored card stock and then laminated them for long term use.

We laid the cards out face up so it was a giant matching game! I had the students work in groups of 3-4 and they had to try to find as many matches as they could before their friends.  They had a great time!

You can get your copy by click here or the image below or directly above!

Happy Time Telling!

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