Snowmageddon and a little Snow Fun!

This is the view from our classrooms at school today:

If you're not sure what you're looking at, that is snow on the other side of the window! And no we did not have a snow day! BOOO

BUT we made the best of all that fresh snow and we had some fun!

The temperatures were so cold that we had to stay inside for recess so I had to bring the fun inside. We were learning about liquids and solids so this fit right in.

I brought in some snow and showed the students the other ingredients I had.  The students had to predict what we would be making. I left the title off of the chart and just had the ingredients there. 

They were super excited when they saw the sprinkles! 

I got the recipe here from All Recipes.

This was such a fun activity for a bitterly cold Monday.

I also wanted to share these super cute penguins made by my teaching partner's class.  She doesn't have a blog but I just knew these penguins needed to be out there for everyone to see.  They are so cute! 

She cut out black bristle board and rolled them into a cone shape and then attached all the other penguin bits on.  

I hope you all are managing to stay warm during this Polar Vortex (I've been wanting to say Polar Vortex for a while now).

Are you doing anything fun with your students with all of the cold and snow? (I'm just pretending for a minute that I don't have any followers from warmer climates because I am totally jealous of you all).