Bold Beginnings! Teaching Students How to Write a Hook

I'm sure that most of you reading this blog are teachers of primary aged students. I am even more certain that you have little writers who start their writing the same way ALL the time!

"One day" or "I went to..." or "Once upon a time"....bangs head on desk.

It can be tricky to get these little writers to add some variety to their writing. Beginnings can be particularly hard.

I created this interactive notebook activity to help my students practice writing hooks (Bold Beginnings).

They glued the activity into their writer's notebook and had a blast creating beginnings! They actually asked to do it a second time with a new topic.

You can pick this activity up by clicking here or any of the above images.

It also comes with interactive notebook pages for Mighty Middles and Excellent Endings!


  1. Thanks for sharing this great well as a link to the resource. I was curious...what mentor texts did you read to your students?

  2. Great ideas! Can you tell me about the stories you used?