Energy Heroes to the Rescue!!

We have been learning all about energy the last few weeks (where it comes from, how we use it and how we can conserve it).

For their final mission my students were challenged to make a difference in our school with the energy that we use.  I didn't give them very many parameters because I wanted to see what they would come up with (inquiry based learning).

Well boy did they ever come up with a great task! They are pretty super hero obsessed so they decided to call themselves the "Energy Friends" and they would go on a secret mission to save the school's energy!

This is the logo they designed:

Thankfully I had a fantastic student teacher who took the design home and made one for each of the kids.  She also used plastic table cloth to create their Super Hero outfits! 

Check out these fearsome Energy Heroes:

They went through various rooms in the school (the staff room, the office, several classrooms, the computer lab, the library and gym) in search of crimes against energy.  Upon their return they crafted a list of recommendations for how we can conserve energy at our school.

Their next challenge is to come up with a way to share this information with the school.  Some have chosen to do a poster, there will be a commercial made using our ipads, and a few students chose to write letters to the principal (persuasive writing).  I like giving them the choice for how they want to present the knowledge they've gained.  

We also worked in this booklet to help us brainstorm ideas before we went on our Energy Quest:

You click the above images to visit my store for your copy of the booklet or click here.

Stay tuned for our next mission!  Same bat time time, same bat channel (or blog in this case).

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  1. This looks awesome, Heidi! I love the little superhero outfits! :) I've wishlisted your booklet for when I'm ready to tackle this unit.

    Happy New Year!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom