Happy Saturday!

I'm sure most of you have heard about the Cyber Monday Sale that's coming up this Monday and Tuesday, but just in case you hadn't heard:

Can you believe it's just a few short weeks until Christmas already? I keeping hearing about people who are all finished their shopping and it stresses me out! Darn Facebook. I have 1 thing for my husband and some new Christmas PJs for my kids but that's it. I better get crackin'!

This week we were working on more addition strategies using the Doubles facts. We started with reviewing the doubles posters and then did a warm up, I Have, Who Has Doubles Activity:

I printed the I Have, Who has Doubles activity in black and white because we don't have color ink at my school but it does come in color as well as black and white.

Then we followed that activity up with some Doubles BINGO which is also included in this bundle:

We also worked on the strategy of adding one and two more to numbers to help these facts become automatic.  Later in the week we used this same center but changed it to a doubles strategy.  So they had to double the number and then add one or two more.  This game can be found in my Addition Centers Bundle.

We've also been working on our Liquids and Solilds inquiry.  We came up with this chart based on information gathered during our exploration as well as information from a Bill Nye video we watched:

I had an ice cube and a cup of water in the middle of our circle as we discussed the differences between liquids and solids. My students came up with all sorts of wonderings about liquids and solids, so we are going to explore them!  They also asked about how ice cream goes from a liquid to solid and back to a liquid as it melt so we're going to try making some ice cream in the coming weeks! mmmmmm

Here are some pics from the rest of my week with my own munchkins:

 He's been discovering snow!  He loves the crunching sound it makes when we walks on it, laughs every time!
Does anyone else's kid love the dentist as much as mine? I mean, she LOVES going to the dentist.

Well, I am off to go fill up my wishlist for the Cyber Monday Sale!  Hope to see you there!

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