Digital Story Telling

Do you do digital story telling with your students? In the past I've always used Comic Life or other comic creation websites with my students, but this year I discovered a new digital story telling website!

It's called Storybird and my students love it! I thought it was going to be too challenging for my firsties and possibly even too challenging for my second graders this early in the year, but I was wrong.

Here is a screen shot of the first screen on the website:

When students use Storybird, they use premade art work to create stories or poems.  There are sets of themed art work that they can use to put together a whole story.  They can then publish their work so people from around the world can read and comment on their work. They get such a kick out of this!

It also provides them with an audience for their writing and knowing that others can comment on their work makes them want to write something worth reading. When people read their stories they can give them "Hearts" if they like it, which is kind of like "liking" something on Facebook.

I love the teacher dashboard where you can see all of your student's work and you also have access to all of their passwords (which is important for the first and second graders who can't remember their username or password).

Students can browse through all of the artwork and then when they find something they like they select that art and all the similar artwork will show up on their screen as well so they can use it on other pages in their story.

It's fairly user friendly which is what I love about it.  I was surprised at how fast my students picked it up.  They figured out how to add more pages to their story and how to select different art work before I could even show them!

Not only is this program totally awesome but it is also FREE! Who doesn't love free educational stuff?!

YAY Free!

Speaking of FREE, I recently made some addition math centers to use with my first and second graders. I'm using them to help with the Doubles Strategy and near doubles. It also comes with a great set of Doubles Posters that can be purchased separately in my TPT Store.  I will give away a copy of the centers to the first 5 people who leave a comment about how they use digital story telling with their students!

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