A Bad Day...or a Good Writing Prompt?

Well, this right here (in the picture below) is the reason you need snow tires in Canada:

Yes, that is sadly my car. No, I did not have snow tires on. When I pulled in the parking lot I didn't realize it was a sheet of ice and then when I went to park my car I just kept going...and going. I was pumping the breaks and nothing was happening, well aside from me sliding in the spot and up and over the curb.  Thank goodness my back tires didn't go over, it's a steep drop down that hill!
So was this just a bad day or do you think I could turn it into a writing prompt for my students? "What do you think was going through this person's mind when this was happening" HAHA...my first graders would hopefully not write the actual expletives that were really going through my mind!

I didn't really use this as a writing prompt but it might make for a good one!

Oh and you can't see it in this picture but my muffler fell off, and then the tow truck driver didn't pull me out properly and caused $1500 damage to my poor car.  Thank goodness they will be covering the damages!

Sooo glad that week is over.

And did I mention I had parent/teacher interviews that night until 8:00.

I did actually do some teaching that day too:

These are our warm and cool colors collages! I love how they turned out.  They had to divide the paper into 4 sections. Two sections were for warm colors and two for cool colors.  Then on one of the cool color sections they had to add one piece of warm color and the same on one of the warm color sections (they had to one piece of a cool color). This really made the color pop out.

We also worked on our addition centers last week (and thank goodness for my student teacher who is helping me keep my head on straight):

If you're looking for some addition centers you can pick mine up in my TPT store.

To end the week off on a positive note, we celebrated my son's 2nd Birthday.

And then Monday morning I woke up with what is most likely bronchitis....

This sums up my life right now:

Well thanks for sticking it out this far during my pity party!

I hope all my friends in The True North Strong and Free have their winter tires on and if you live in a place where you don't need winter tires....well let's just say I'm jealous.


  1. Wow, looks you really did spin and spin!!! Glad you are ok!


  2. Oh my goodness! That's the WORST start to a morning. All I could think about as I read this post though was if you called the tow truck right away or just "parked" it there until you were done work! Haha, I'm sure you dealt with it right away but picturing it being there all day has me cracking up. I don't have winter tires here in Toronto but I'm thinking maybe I should invest...