Looking for a Halloween Craft?

I did this super cute and easy craft with my students today:

What you need:

Orange construction paper cut into 4" by 18" strips
Pumpkin tracers that are about 4" by 4.5"
Black and green construction paper pieces any size for the stems and the face

First you need to fold the orange paper in half.
Then fold it in half again so that you have 4 sections as shown in the final product.

In each section you need to use the pumpkin tracer to trace a pumpkin.  The pumpkin needs to touch the fold lines.  I made my tracers with flat sides so that it was easy for students to line up.  I forgot to get a good photo of the tracer so I will try to do that tomorrow and add it here ASAP!

You can see what I mean about flat sides by looking at the way the tracing turned out. Remind students NOT to cut all the way through the fold line.  I had 2 students do that, I think they zoned out.

If they trace the pumpkin so that they stop when they hit the fold line then it makes it easy for cutting and they just need to follow the pencil lines.

We also tried to cut all four at once (snowflake style) but for some reason it didn't work for us today....but you could always try to do it that way too (where you keep the paper folded, trace one pumpkin and cut through all the folded pieces....maybe you will have better luck than we did).

Then I had students cut out pieces for their stems as well as the faces. My instructions to them were that each face needed to look different.

Here is the end result of one of them.

Also, while we made our pumpkins we listened to my favorite music app Songza! They have a kids Halloween playlist that we rocked out too all afternoon! Loved listening to the Adam's Family theme song...only I felt really old because they had no idea who the Adam's family were GAHHHH!

What Halloween activities do you guys do? Share some of your great Halloween ideas in the comments!



  1. How cute is this craft! I wish I would have seen it sooner! Quick question...what program do you use to add your text to your pictures?
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

  2. Hi Angie! I use the app called "Beautiful Mess". I edit the photo in the app on my ipad and upload it to my dropbox. I think the app was .99 cents.

  3. Oh but make sure you buy the actual app...there is a fake one out there that I made the mistake of buying grrr.