A Traditions and Celebrations Inquiry and some Candy Estimation...

I blogged before about the Traditions and Celebrations unit we have been working on and now it is coming to an end!

Today we had a multicultural celebration where the students brought in special artifacts from home. Each student brought an item related to a special celebration that their family has.  They talked about why their item is important and what celebration it is for.  They also answered some very thoughtful and relevant questions from the other students who were listening intently!

After our sharing time we enjoyed various snacks (Danish for Denmark, special crackers from Newfoundland, German cookies, lucky charms and more)!

Halloween Decoration

Oktoberfest Hat


A Postcard from Scotland, her kilt and a Scottie dog.
We also finished our research pages on various celebrations around the world.  We used this bundle of graphic organizers:

After our celebration we worked on some fun math! We started estimating this week.  We first began with estimating groups of my manipulatives but then I wanted to incorporate some QR codes as well. Here is what we worked on today:

Students had to record their estimate and then they could use the ipad to scan the code to see how close their estimate was.  My students just love QR codes.  I think if I could have QR codes for everything they would be ecstatic!

If you're interested in the Candy Estimation with QR Codes (or without QR codes because I have that as well), you can visit my store by clicking here or  by clicking any of the above images.

And to all of my friends in the warmer climates...send your heat this way! We saw snow flakes today in my town BRRRRRRR!

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