Great Decor for your Classroom!

Yup, it was one of those days! Definitely not surprising that today was Friday the 13th....

BUT it was a great week otherwise! A week and a half into school and I finally got everything in my room looking the way I want it.

I'm linking up with Kacey from Doodlebugs for Five Random things from my week.

1.  This is how my teacher area and desk looked on Monday morning.

This is how it looked by lunch time on Monday:

In teacher's college they don't warn you about the sheer amount of paper and paperwork you have to deal with as a teacher.  Between all the back to school forms that came in on Monday, all of my own paper work and photocopies, labels, student work, books etc. it just all piled up and I couldn't seem to get out from under it.  I would get one thing filed away and then someone would hand me 10 more things. 

BUT by Tuesday morning it was looking great again. Now it's Friday and doesn't look quite that bad but it sure ain't pretty! Anyone else have this problem? #neverendingpapers

2. We were working on counting this week and I did a fun little activity with 10 frames where I made this giant 10 frame on the carpet and had the students pretend to be counters.  I called out a number and they would have to organize themselves to make the correct number.  They had to figure out what to do if the number I called out was greater than 10.  I love doing hands on activities that get the students involved.  I think it helps them understand things a little more.
3.  I got my subject cards finished for my Learning Goals board.  Now I just need to figure out what their learning goals are!  

4.  We had our Meet The Teacher BBQ this week and it went really well! It's always an exciting (and somewhat nerve-wracking) evening, but it's nice to meet all the parents.

5. I finally got my Birthday Board completed and hung only took me until the 2nd week of school. OOPS! I just need to add their names now, that's a job for Monday morning. The Birthday Board was inspired by Erica Bohrer.  She has a ton of great options for Birthday Boards if you're looking for one.  I made mine to match the other decor in my room and you can find mine in my TPT store by clicking here or on the image below:

Now, it is supposed to be Five for Friday but I have one more:

I love how their names turned out.  Each one is so different but they really stand out on my wall and the kids loved making these.  They wanted to take them home that day. 

Check out Doodlebugs for more Five For Friday goodness.


  1. How does that happen - a clean desk to messy desk before the day is up!!! My always looks like that by the end of the day too! Thanks for sharing.