FAIL! (And a Flash Freebie!)

Good golly did I ever suck today!! I decided today would be a cooking day.  I wanted to make a triple batch of muffins, curried cauliflower soup, a roast and mashed potatoes and I wanted to finish up my Halloween task cards.

Well the muffins literally took most of the afternoon because half of them were cemented to the tins.

Check out my failed muffins:

I mustn't have greased the pan enough. Boooo hisssssss.

I did manage to get all these ones out but a bunch of them are missing pieces (and of course I couldn't let those pieces go to waste...mmmm).  Half of them are blueberry and half are chocolate chip.

I didn't get the soup made, but there's still time.  I might tackle that after the kids go to bed....or I might catch up on Dexter!

I commissioned the hubby to make the roast and potatoes so I could work on my Halloween task cards and I did get those finished! WOO HOO.

I have them up as a flash freebie in my store if you'd like a copy.  It will only be up for a short time so get it while it's hot! ***Update: Flash Freebie has now ended. Thank you to those who downloaded! I hope you enjoy it! ***

Also, just a reminder that you can now find me on facebook.  Click on the pink facebook button on the right side of this page.  I'll be starting some exclusive facebook fan freebies soon!
I hope you all were more productive than I was today!!


  1. You were a busy girl today! The muffin fail must have really burned you! Haha! ;) Great flash freebie! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  2. HAHA Very funny!! :P
    Glad you got the freebie!