PHEW What a week!!

I'm feeling pretty lucky reading all of these blog posts from people who are back to school already...I still have 2 more weeks!

But that means that I am a busy beaver getting my classroom ready to go!

Here's my blank slate with my 2 little trouble makers helpers:

At the end of last school year I tore EVERYTHING off of the walls so that I could have a fresh start this September.

I wanted a classroom makeover.  Everything in my room was so mismatched and cluttered looking and I HATE clutter. Hate.It.

So, I got to work on some new items for my room:

I made new word wall headers, a classroom job chart and various other classroom decor items to match the blue, green and pink color choices I'm using in my room this year. 

Lots of laminating!  I went to my school to do some laminating because we have a very large laminator that our parent council pays for....yah, it broke. I put my first bit of laminating in, started it up and then it just stopped working.  I could have cried. Luckily, I have my trusty personal laminator! It's just so much more expensive so that part sucks.

I bought the Martha Stewart circle cutter and got to work cutting out all those darn circles.  I still have to cut out all of the word wall words too.

The first thing I put together was my classroom job chart.

I tried to use velcro dots to stick the jobs onto the ribbon but I couldn't get it centered the way I wanted and the job circles hung kind of weird so I had to change plans.

This is where my new buddy E6000 comes in. I love this stuff! Love it! It's like hot glue only not hot and comes in a tube.  This is the second large tube I have used in the last 8 weeks!

I love how it turned out! I'm going to use clothes pins to clip their names on the jobs that they are assigned to each week.

You can click on any of the images or here to get your copy of my classroom jobs clip chart!

Next, I went to school to begin setting up the furniture and I wanted to get started on putting my word wall together.

It's green cheetah print, pink polka dots and blue polka dots...just like my blog! It also matches the classroom jobs chart.

Here is the banner I made to go along with the word wall headers:

Does this picture look familiar?
Cutting and measuring fadeless paper for my bulletin boards....such a pain to hang up by yourself! But I got 'er done!

Those green and blue bins are only half of my classroom library.  And they will be adorned with labels that match the rest of my decor as well!

Finally, I made these cute desk plates to put on the student's desks:
I still have so much more to do in my room! I'll post some more pictures as things come together. I'm really excited for how my classroom is going to look this year!

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You might think I don't have a life outside of creating things for my classroom (which is mostly true) but I did do this:
Yes, that is a GIANT roller coaster in the background.  It's called the Leviathon and it's at Canada's Wonderland.  It's over 300 feet high and drops straight down after you get to the top! Not gonna lie, I almost threw up before going on!

Take care!


  1. Your classroom decor is so cute! I'm inspired :)

    I wouldn't go on the Leviathan when I took my Physics classes this year - that's way too scary for me now!

    Mrs. Brosseau's Binder - Math & Science Teaching with a Twist

    1. Hmmm well I'm glad I didn't take physics because it was wicked fun!!

  2. Your room is looking cute! You designed some great things for you class.


  3. Your stuff is adorable! I am looking for new word wall headers, are yours on TpT?

    Angie Olson

    1. Aww thank you! Yes they are in my TPT store or you can click on most of the images and they will take you right there!

  4. Okay, I am such a dork! I wasn't looking close enough! I see your link to them at your store...heading over there right now to purchase!!!

  5. Hey lady! Do you like your circle cutter? I have Martha's other one and I love it. I would have thrown up for sure. Without a doubt! :) live your word wall!

    1. I LOVE the martha stewart cutter! It was so easy to use and worked like a charm!

  6. Can I just say...I LOVE that you ALSO have a personal laminator at home AND a Martha Stewart Circle cutter! I thought I was the only one with a penchant for office supplies ;) Can't wait to see the final 'room tour' when you're all finished up.