I'm a little late for Five for Friday but better late than never!

I already blogged about a good chunk of my week but there were little odds and ends that I wanted to share but they didn't really fit in with my other blog posts.  That's why I love Five For Friday.  You get to share 5 random things from your week.

Here are mine:

1) Have you ever tried to put up bulletin board paper all by yourself? I'm pretty sure I mastered it this week because I have very large walls and I redid the whole room all by myself.  I have two walls that are completely covered in a carpet like material.  They're brown. Not a nice brown. Ugly brown. I covered them in black fadeless paper.

2) Do you go through erasers like they're candy?  My kids can never seem to find an eraser even though I know there are like 100 out there somewhere in magical eraser land. I put them out and then they just disappear. Since I go through so many I started cutting mine up into 2 pieces.  I've found they last longer this way....maybe broken erasers don't make it into magical eraser land.  If only I could do this with pencils because they go missing even more than erasers do.

3)  I got to meet the sweetest baby this week!! Kristin from Bonjour Grade 1 recently had a baby and I had the pleasure of meeting her this week!  You can check out this sweet bundle on her blog along with a few other great ideas!

4)  I don't know about you but I've done A LOT of color printing over the last few weeks and it's not really covered by my budget so it's all out of pocket.  I think my husband was starting to get a little worried, "Really, you have more printing to do?".  Why couldn't he be like Ryan Gosling:
 I decided that with all of the color ink I'd been using it was time for some good old fashioned black and white.  I made my daily schedule cards in black and white but I will be printing them on colored card stock for some added pop.  You can get them here or by clicking on the images below.  There are over 50 different cards to choose from but I am also taking requests from people who purchase the set.  If you buy them I will customize them to add any cards that you need!

5) And Finally, I did spend a little quality time with my munchkins: This is my daughter and her friend on our walk to the park (She's the one in pink):

So, it's finally Saturday and I am starting this week off right! With a BBQ!  I'm making bacon wrapped jalapenos and the black bean salsa that I previously blogged about! Don't worry, I'll share the recipe for the jalapenos later!

This coming week I have a workshop for Inquiry based learning that I'm super excited about! I'll fill you all in next week with what I learned!

Happy Weekend!


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  1. I love how the little ones are pushing their babies too! So cute, reminds me of when my girls use to do that. Thanks for sharing.