Check Out My Classroom Decor!

This week has just been nutso busy for me!

I woke up this morning all ready for a full day of organizing and decorating my classroom.  I walked my kids to daycare (in the pouring rain!) and then got home in hopes of getting an early start.

Didn't happen.

Why? Because my 2 year old son enjoys hiding things.  Unfortunately, today it was my keys.  All of my keys! My classroom keys, car keys, house keys, my key tag for the gym and my mailbox key.  I hunted for them for 2 hours.  2 Hours.

Finally, the hubster texted me to say that there's a spare car key in the garage so at least I was able to go to school...just a few hours later than I had hoped.  I worked my behind off since my time was cut chit chatting with fellow coworkers today (you know how that goes)!

I won't be revealing my completed room yet...because it's not complete. BUT I will share some more in progress pics as well as a few things that I'm loving.

The first thing I completed this week was my word wall.  I already blogged about that but here is the completed picture:

It's hard to see in this picture because of the glare from my lights but the word wall headers are cheetah print and polka dots in green, blue and pink.  I also redid my library bins with labels to match which you can get here.

Here's a better look at what they look like:

You can get them by clicking on the image below or any of the images above.

You can also get it in these fun chocolate and rainbow patterns:
Next up was my teacher area:

It's almost done! I still need to make the writing process chart that's going to go on the door behind my guided reading table. I'm loving my little area though.  I turned my teacher desk around and shoved it against the wall because I don't ever sit at it. There isn't even a chair there. I'm using it more as a storage place.  All of my mentor texts are in bins under my desk.

By the way, did you all know it's teacher appreciation at Staples?? It's on until Sept. 7th and we get 15% off! I went in today to get printer ink and mailing labels and they gave me this as a teacher appreciation gift:

Is that not the cutest little apple post it note holder!  It retails at around $11 and we get it for free! Why? Because we're awesome! 

One last thing to highlight. I got this from the dollar store:

It's a little battery operated mushroom light. Isn't it cute? I'm going to use it for when I'm doing guided reading and I don't want to be interrupted. When I'm busy working with students I will turn it on so the other kids know not to interrupt. 

So, you got the view of about a 1/4 of my room.  Now here's what the rest looks like...warning, it ain't pretty!

 If you follow me on instagram you saw a similar picture #teacherpiles.  I'm pretty sure I have a bin hoarding problem.  It's a sickness. And I just went out to buy more today because I wanted them all to coordinate.  So what am I supposed to do with all of the red, blue and green bins that I have now? 

Sometime next week I will have pictures with the piles gone and everything looking the way I want it! I'm pretty excited about how things are looking so far though.

After all that cleaning, organizing and decorating I went home to hunt for my keys again. Searched for another hour and a half.  No dice.  My husband comes home and finds them within 5 minutes.  They were stuffed in a bag that I went through three times!! 

I'm off to get started on my writing process chart!

Take Care