Flash Freebie!! Giveaway Winners Announced and another GREAT App!

First Things First...I need to announce the 3 winners of my 100 TPT Follower Giveaway!

Drum roll please....
1. Dina Hurwitz
2. Michelle Flynn Scherer
3. Stephanie Waters

Congratulations Ladies!! I have sent you all an email and you can reply with your 3 choices from my TPT Store.

I'm also sharing another FANTASTIC app! I'm linking up with Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried it Tuesday and also adding another app to my APPreciation linky.

The app is called "A Beautiful Mess" and is named after this blog.
So, you know how you see all those photos on pinterest and blogs with the fancy writing on it and you're always wondering how they do that to their photos?? This is how! Or at least this is one of several apps but I happen to prefer this one.

With this app you can add fancy borders to your pictures, phrases, doodles, and your own text. There are also filters that you can use to fix up your photos. The app is ridiculously easy to use and if you want more doodles/phrases/borders you can make in app purchases to get more. That being said, I have not purchased any more because the ones that come with the app are enough for me!

You can choose your text, border and doodle colors as well to add more personalization to your pictures.  It's quick to use and saves automatically to your photo library on your ipad

And just a tip...do not download the fake ones that are in the app store.  There are a couple! Not that I would know anything about that (but if you do download the fake one Apple will refund your money). You want the one by Red Velvet Publishers.

Here are some samples of pics I was playing around with:
You can get the poster in this picture for free in my store. Just click the image above.

And that last one is actually my flash freebie!! It will be up for the next hour! Get yours fast! Click Here To Get It.  If you download it please leave me some feedback, thanks so much!

It's my new set of Word Wall Headers! I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I made these!

Don't forget to link up with your favorite apps below!


  1. I just bought this app a few weeks ago and it is great! I need to spend some more time playing around with it though to really get my use out of it. Thanks so much for sharing and linking up! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. I just decided to purchase this app after I read your blog post. I can't wait to play with it! ~ Lisa

  3. I have been wanting to buy this app, but forgot about it honestly. Thank you for the reminder and the tips! I'll be sure to look for the correct one when I buy it.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learin'