Teachers Care! Alberta Flood Relief Fundraiser! Begins Canada Day!!

Many of you may have heard about, witnessed, watched news coverage or otherwise been directly affected by the devastating floods in Alberta last week.  Towns were evacuated, schools, homes and other buildings were flooded and in many cases destroyed. Many people are headed back home now but for countless others there are no homes left to go back to.

Tons of Sellers (including myself) from Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) have donated products to 3 great bundles! All proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Flood Relief. Each bundle can be purchased for $25.00 and are valued at $149 or more! It's a great deal for some really fantastic products that you can use in your classroom next school year!

The K-2 bundle containing 33 items at a value of $165.99
The 3-5 bundle containing 34 items at a value of $183.89
The 6-12 bundle containing 33 items at a value of $149.76

The sale of these bundles begins on July 1st (Canada Day!) Click on the image below to take you to Rainbow City Learning's Teachers Pay Teachers Store, where you can purchase any of these great bundles!

Today is Canada Day! What a great way for teachers around the world to show our support for thousands of people who have been devastated by this disaster. Each of the bundles are filled with great products that are created and tested by teachers.  100% of the profits will go to the Canadian Red Cross for Alberta Flood Relief! Funds are earmarked for helping schools in Alberta.

As a Canadian, I thank you for your support in any way that you can give, whether it be your purchase of this product or your promotion of it.  You can pin this post or directly from Rainbow City Learning's Store or you can also blog or Tweet about it!


This is the fam and I celebrating Canada Day at my brother's house (he lives on one of our nation's Great Lakes).

And this is the GIANT Canada Day Cookie we ate mmmm

What did you do for Canada day and what are all my American blogger friends doing for the 4th of July?

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