Optimum Organization!

Phew...I was worried I wouldn't have anything to blog about over the summer but it turns out there is even more to blog about!  There are so many great linkys out there to join and I am getting a ton of ideas from other bloggers.

Today I am linking up with Lady Bug's Teacher Files and Fun in 4B to share a couple of great finds I had this week!
So, I picked up these bad boys at our local Dollar store for $2.00 each!! I couldn't believe it.

I bought 3 blue and 3 black and I have no idea what I'm going to do with them but they match my colours so in my cart they went! Any suggestions for what I should use them for?

I also stopped in at Solutions because I had never been in there and  I was looking for a particular storage organizer. Here is what I found:

How cute is this? This would be great for writing our daily agenda message or a morning message!

And then there were these mini ones as well!!  Oh the ideas! These could be used in centres or for students to write messages to me or to each other...so many ideas rolling around in this brain of mine!
These are clips but also magnets that would be adorable for a bird themed classroom.  They also had monkeys.  I would use these for hanging anchor charts.

And another set of clip magnets but these are owls. 
I can't wait to read through all the other organization posts in this linky! I love organizing! I especially love bins of all shapes, sizes and colours! My husband shakes his head every time I come home with another bin.


  1. LOVE the speech bubble dry erase board! I need one to post my inquiry questions for my bulletin board.
    Tropical Teacher

    1. Oh that's a great use for inquiry questions! I might actually do that as well!

  2. I completely understand the bin obsession... the dollar store loves me :) For the top bins, they look like they might be good for book collections or as group supply bins. Depending on the subject, each table could use it to carry their supplies for a science investigation, art project, book club kit, etc. The handles make it look handy for carrying.


    1. ohhh thanks for the ideas! I really like the Book club kit idea and the science investigation supplies idea.

  3. Those storage bins could be used for a ton of things! I love the dollar store :) I'd probably store the students' extra school supplies in them. Thanks for linking up with us!
    Fun in Room 4B

    1. Anytime! Thanks so much for hosting the linky! I love anything for organizing so your linky is one of my favourites.
      And thanks for the idea too!