Monday Made It!

I am so thankful for all of you creative bloggers out there! I get so many great ideas to use in my classroom.  Last week I made the teacher tool box which I can't wait to start using in September!

I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics again today!

 I'm excited to share the "Grade, Copy, File" bin that I made this week.  Now, none of this was my idea. Someone, somewhere along the way made these super cool bins and a bunch of other people made labels for it. I chose to use  the labels from The Tattooed Teacher that she has posted as a freebie on her blog! They fit with my classroom decor colours for next year and I just love them

Here is a pic of how they turned out:

I meant to get some clothes pins all fancied up with scrap book paper this week too but the time got away from me (okay, it didn't really but we did a lot of swimming and chillaxin'). So, I guess I will make those for next week.

I did get my Homophones Task Cards set completed this week too! It's a great little set of task cards with QR codes attached so students can scan for the answers and self correct their work!

I did a lot of pinning this week of future Monday Made Its as well that I can't wait to make and share with you all soon! 

So, it's just a quick one for this week but I can't wait to read all of the other fabulous Monday Made Its from this week.  There are so many creative and crafty teacher bloggers out there! 

Toodle-oo Teacher Friends