Monday Made It!! I'm Finally in the club!

I did it! I did it! I finally made one of those fancy schmancy teacher tool boxes that are all over pinterest. So, I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!

I don't have a lot of time for being crafty (and I'm not the most crafty person either....well I'm crafty as in sneaky but not crafty like scrapbook and modpodge crafty). BUT I just had to have one of these tool boxes, so I put it on my summer to do list and what do you know??? I actually got it done.  I can rest easy now and if the rest of my to do list doesn't get done, at least I can say I did this!

So, here she is before:

And here she is after!
I got the black and white labels from Lady Bug's Teacher Files and they were a freebie!!

And then I just used scrap book paper that I cut to fit the inside. Now in that before picture you can see the bottle of mod podge I planned on using to secure the scrap book paper, but GASP I've never used it before and I chickened out.  I ended up using clear double sided tape. It still worked  out great and you can't see the tape at all.

I am in love with this thing and I can't wait to start putting stuff in it! I think I even want to make one for at home!

I also picked up these great Birthday Awards from Michael's at their Dollar Days sale!

AND last but not least I finished my Important Book of Traditions and Celebrations.  It's a template based on The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown. Click on the image to visit my store and see more about this product!

Now, any suggestions for another simple Monday Made It craft you think I can handle? I'm feeling all empowered and ready to mod podge the heck out of something.