Favourite Pins Friday!

If you follow me on pinterest, then you know I have a slight problem....I'm not even kidding. I could join a 12 step program for my pinning problem.

I pretty much watch ZERO TV anymore because I just sit with my ipad on the pinterest app.  Tonight I spent an hour and a half looking through pins about patio furniture!

So, what better linky for me to join up with than Cara's from The First Grade Parade?:
I'm really not sure how to even begin narrowing down some choices because I've pinned so many awesome things this week but here it goes...

This is a non-classroom pin. I couldn't find the original poster of this pin so it's just linked back to the image on pinterest but if you know where it came from please let me know so I can link back to the original person.

I REALLY want to make this!! My cousin actually did it and hers turned out amazing! So much cheaper than the thousands of dollars you would pay for a retail set and it looks pretty good!

Okay, now for some classroom pins:

I love this pin because I began using writer's notebooks 3 years ago with my grade fours and fives. Then I went on maternity leave for a year (we get a year off in Canada) and I came back to a grade one and two class. I struggled with how to use a writer's notebook with the little ones but after seeing this pin from Apples of Your Eye, I am inspired to try!

This next one....well, it's Pinkalicious, need I say more?  My blog got its name from my daughter who is obsessed with Pinkalicious. BUT I also love the idea of a reading projects fair!

Now, how cool is this?? It gives new meaning to "visual schedule", LOVE IT!

And this one...well, I just had to. Plus it totally fits with me so it's really like Ryan is speaking directly to me! We're practically best friends.  

also, no link back to original source so if you know who this belongs to leave me a comment!

Have a super fantastic Friday! And keep pinning away!


  1. Ryan Gosling is so emotionally supportive of us teachers! :-)
    Didn't know you were also Canadian! Yay!
    Whimsy Workshop

    1. Oh he just loves us!!

      Yup Canadian...born and raised! I didn't realize you're Canadian as well. Which province are you in?

  2. Love the reading book fair projects. Pinkalicious is one of my favorites, too!


  3. LOL- boy do I love Ryan Gosling- that is the funniest one I've seen yet! :) :)

    Mrs. Johnson's Little Prowlers