Teacher Talk Tuesday and Get Fit!

Are you on instagram? I just joined recently after reading so many teachers rave about it.  I have to say, I am loving it so far. I started using it so that I could participate in Mz. BBZ's fitness challenge!

If you want to join up use the #PADfitness! Check out the image below for the daily activities we are posting photos about...and feel free to jump in at any time!

And just today I joined in with #teachertalktuesday which was started by What The Teacher Wants and Apples and ABC's.

I think instagram is a great way to stay connected to people and I get instant ideas! And let's be honest, it's also quite entertaining.  Just like I can spend hours searching through pics on Pinterest...I think instagram will be my next vice.

So come on and join the instagram party for #teachertalktuesday!

Follow me on instagram @secondgradealicious!

And post your instagram name here and I'll follow you as well....love to see those pics!

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