School's Out For Summer!!!

Finally!!! I feel like we are the last people to be in school aside from year round schools.

I find that last day goes by so quickly. It's always such a jam packed day. We had an assembly/talent show in the morning where kids performed and we watched a slideshow of all the great things we did during the year.  Then the teachers got up on stage and performed a little dance diddy (we do this every year to end off the assembly).


....the kids are all done school but we still have to go today for meetings and cleaning up our rooms. The only saving Grace is that it's pouring cats and dogs outside so it's not like we would have enjoyed the day sitting outside.

This week was so jam packed that I don't even think I can remember everything we did but I can definitely come up with five things for Doodle Bugs Five For Friday!

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen my "mystery box" picture! I got this idea from my friend Kristin at Bonjour Grade 1. She hasn't blogged about it yet but she teaches in the class next to me and has tons of great ideas!

I wrapped up the box and let it sit there all day listening to the kids try to guess what was in it. It was hilarious listening to their ideas. Here are some things they thought could be in the box: books, toys, a llama....yes someone said a llama (and he was serious), an alien, teacher stuff, candy, pizza and a puppy.

This is what was actually in the box:

These candy bar awards were free from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits! Check out her blog to see the original blog post from her and some ideas for how to print them. I love her blog! And my kids went bananas when I pulled the awards with the candy out of the box.

I also had special mystery presents for the Educational Assistants that worked in my room this year with my special needs students. We had a challenging year and they deserved a little somethin', somethin'

Can you guess what's inside??? Oh yes, it's booze. I got them each a bottle of Malibu Coconut Rum to start off their summer the right way.

We did have some beautiful weather earlier this week and so I did get to have some fun with the kids in our new 10 foot's no inground oasis but it will have to do for now until we win the lottery.

And last but not least, we are growing a garden at my house which has got me thinking about next school year.  I was thinking of having a classroom nature table with plants and other outdoorsy type things that we find that the kids could explore with. Have any of you done this? How did it work out?

Here is our family garden that my own kids are helping with, they love taking care of it and having that responsibility. Every day is exciting for them to see how much the vegetables have grown.
Well, I am off to our final staff meeting of the year!! Can't wait to read all those other Five For Friday posts from all you summer vacationers!