Pheww What a week! Five for Friday and New Blog Design!!

Soooo excited! I just got a new blog design! It's by A Bird in Hand Design! I am so in love with it. I literally emailed her yesterday afternoon, she got back to me right away.  I emailed her my thoughts about how I would like it to look and filled out her super easy design form and by this morning she had it all installed and looking exactly how I imagined...actually even better because I was unsure of how certain patterns would go together but it turned out fabulously! What do you think?

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This was one exciting week! We had our school wide "Amazing Race" style play day (A.K.A Field Day) and it went pretty smoothly (the planning/coordinating was a whole other story, but you know how that goes!).

I really wanted to incorporate our new ipads into the day so that it would get all the teachers and students using them (especially teachers who hadn't touched an ipad before).  I also wanted to incorporate QR Codes in somehow. So, we came up with an Amazing Race style play day where the kids had to scan the QR codes to get their clue that would tell them where to go next.  We modified some Dr.Seuss quotes to fit our needs. Scan the code below for a sample!

FYI You need a QR Scanner app on your mobile device in order to scan the code.
We had beautiful weather for the day and the kids had a blast solving the clues and getting their "passports" stamped.  At the end of it all our custodian came out with the giant hose and sprayed  the kids down.  This is a tradition at our school's play day and the kids are always so excited for it.  I of course always pretend like it's not going to happen each year...I know, I'm mean.

I was also lucky enough to be able to go on my daughter's field trip to a local farm! My daughter is in Kindergarten. Those kids are just adorable. This is my little munchkin on her very first field trip....she was very concerned that on the wagon ride and the bus ride there were no seat belts.  She said her teacher, "really should have thought about that before taking them there" 
That's Charlotte The Pig behind her (A.K.A. Bacon...yes I  said that.  We have a very strong love for bacon in our house).

The rest of the week was kind of a winding down time at school.  We wrapped up a couple units and started working on our end of year memory books.  I love doing a memory book for them to take home as a keepsake on the last day.

If you're still in school like I am and you're looking for something to do, you can click on the image and check out my end of year memory book for grades 1-3!

And Last but not least, today is our movie day reward from our end of year balloon pop countdown! I strategically placed the movie day reward to be on a friday!  I randomly selected a balloon to pop and movie day was their reward that was inside of the balloon! We'll be watching Despicable Me. Our school talent show is today but sadly I don't have any pics from that!  BUT! I do have this (a must watch video):

That makes my day every.single.time! Enjoy!