Is Your Classroom UnPINTERESTing? Link Up With Me!

So....I decided to post some pics of what I have going on in my room right now (which is frankly a tad scary).

BUT I figure if I blog about it, then I have to fix it and post the after photos. So basically, I am using you all as my motivation (hope you don't mind!).

I also thought that if I am feeling like my classroom needs some serious TLC, there must be others out there like me. All I ever see are pictures of these AMAZING classrooms on Pinterest classroom is just UnPINTERESTing! I would love for you all to link up and post some pics of your own "In Need of Some TLC" classrooms BUT the catch is that I want you to gussy up at least one part of your classroom so you can post some after photos too! Remember to link back to my blog so that people can see everyone else's Before shots (That is if you aren't all chicken to post your scary classroom photos)! Decorating advice is ALWAYS welcome!

Then at the end of your summer holidays, I want you to link back up again with your AFTER shots of at least one thing that you improved in your classroom. Easy peasy?  Now, put down your Margarita and get to work on making your classroom cuter!

All right, cover your eyes if you get scared easily (don't worry, I won't post photos of my desk because that would send you over the edge):

This is currently how I organize student paperwork. The magazine files are for all their language stuff (Reader's/Writer's Notebook, books they're reading etc.) and the bins have other subject folders in them.  
This is how I organize supplies for the students. Yes, those labels are hand written (The Horror)! 

Here is my daily schedule (So blah looking).
Everything is very blah in my room right now. Everything is brown and 1970's orange. Check out the orange on my shelving! So you can see, I have my work cut out for me. How am I supposed to match cute decor with 1970's orange?!

Here are a couple more pics:

This is my current book organization, there isn't enough shelving space for all of my books so I keep the non -fiction in these IKEA bins on the floor. 
And here is my word wall....also in 1970's orange which was left by the teacher who had my room before the 2 teachers covering my mat leave took over (confusing, I know...try to keep up).

Soooo, goal this summer is to make my room super fly like all you bloggers out there in Bloggyland with the cute pins on pinterest. 

I'm pretty sure my first job will be one of those nifty teacher tool boxes...because I'm pretty sure the whole world has them by now, except me. 

So add your link so I can feel better about myself! HAHA just kidding...I really do want us to all be motivated to make our classrooms nicer.


  1. Nope, I don't have a toolbox. Don't worry...not everyone has super fly rooms. I try but fall short most of the time. My library labels were hand written...but on cute paper - does that count?haha


  2. I don't have a toolbox either! I do have a few of those funky cardboard ones that you get if you order from some company I forget the name of - it used to be full of stickers. Super ugly though. My labels are hand written too - the only thing I love about the room right now is the treehouse and the giant hangning pom poms - I'd highly recommend making those! The truth is I usually spend the last few days of class getting the kids to help me organize everything for the fall. Even though they're just in grade one, they're good at tossing piles of stuff in to the garbage, or sorting supplies. :-)

  3. No toolbox here either! I sure hope I can make my classroom Pinteresting enough to link up with the follow-up to this! I'm pretty much starting from scratch - I spent so many years in fifth grade that I have next-to-nothing for grade 2/3! Pinterest, here I come!! :)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom