Father's Day

Phew...we had such a busy few days that I didn't have time to post about our Father's Day art project!

This will be a quick post because tomorrow is our Play Day (Field Day for my American bloggers!) and I still have a bunch of things to prepare.

Our Father's Day art project came about because a student of mine brought in some art to show our class from his Arabic school that he attends on the weekends.  His artwork had an Arabic symbol that said something about remembering God.

I thought his art turned out great and I really wanted to try it out with my kids so what better occasion than Father's Day. Instead of a religious symbol we wrote the word for dad in Chinese or Arabic (the kids could choose which symbol they wanted).

The Chinese ones weren't finished, they needed two white squares on the bottom part but I forgot to take pics of the final product so this is as close as it gets! The kids were really excited to take them home to their dads.

I would definitely do this art project again. It was super easy.  I got the canvas from the dollar store and then we used masking tape to make our white lines. With the masking tape on, the students painted in each section a different colour.  They had to make sure that they didn't paint the same colour side by side.  Next, we let it dry before taking the tape off.  Finally, they drew their symbol on with pencil (with help from me) and then painted it in black.

This was my favourite art project of the year so far, next to our snowman Christmas ornaments (shuddering at the thought of snow).

I'm off to go plan some play day fun! We are doing it Amazing Race style and also incorporating QR Codes!! How fun will that be?!


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