Burning Questions!

My kids were on FIRE this week! Okay, not literally (in case you were thinking I was serious).  I mentioned earlier this week that they came up with interesting questions to write about (we called them their "Burning Questions").

Well they FINALLY published them today and I was super impressed with these little munchkins! We added flames to our writing for a little craftivity.  Next year, I'll make the flame tracers a little smaller...but the kids thought it was awesome that we got to set fire to their work.  Here's how they turned out:

This student wondered why leg warmers were popular in the '80's.

This one wondered which country Alaska belonged to before it was part of the U.S.

And this one wondered about bears and hibernation.

If you want a copy of the research booklet we used you can click here! Or click on the images above.

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Hope you are all having a happy Thursday! I have 16 Days of teaching left (including a field trip to the Zoo).

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  1. This is too cute! I'm pinning this for next year :)