I feel like these last few weeks are going to fly by and I'm still cramming so much learning in!

 We began our Wonder Wall today! This is something I wanted to start all year but just couldn't get the time to do it. I made a bulletin board and called it the Wonder Wall. The kids write down the things that they wonder about and then we're going to write about them! Here is a picture of our Wonder Wall and some of our wonderings.

 My favourite one was, "Why were leg warmers so popular in the 1980's?".

We started this little writing unit off by using the website Wonderopolis.  It's a great site for non-fiction writing that answers just about any questions kids want to know about! I showed the website to the kids and they loved it. A bunch of them even went home and showed their parents. They want to submit their wonderings to wonderopolis too!

Today we started the brainstorming.  They made a mind map of all the things they already know about their topic. Tomorrow we will begin the research with the ipads and a visit to the library to check out any books they might need.

We are doing all of our recording in this burning questions research booklet.

I blogged about this booklet before so if you want to read more about it you can check this post out.

I can't wait to see how they turn out in the end. The group of kids I have this year are a neat bunch so I'm expecting some interesting and entertaining results!