Whatcha' Reading Linky: Teacher PD Books

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    1. Thanks for linking up Amy!! I'm off to check out that book...it looks like something I would like.

  2. Oh dear! You can tell I'm a newbie at this! Creating a Robust Vocabulary is the book I shared, but I'd highly recommend Bringing Words to Life. It is such a great book for vocabulary building ideas. Thanks for the great Linky idea. Hopefully, I'll get better at blogging with practice. :-)

    1. Well they both sound like great reads! And I'm new at this as well! I started in March. Welcome to bloggy land!

    2. Oh and I followed you as well but I couldn't comment on your blog because it said its restricted to team members.

    3. Thanks! I did the same. I am still working at setting up my blog. Once I figure things out, I plan to add separate pages. It's already a time burner, but I think it will be fun and helpful.