Obsessed with butterflies! Even the boys!

Well as you may have read in previous posts, we are learning about butterflies in my room! We got butterfly larvae and have watched them grow. They are now in the pupa stage and the kids are on the edge of their seats with anticipation. Every day they come racing in to see if we have butterflies yet. Of course we don't, but I am betting that by Wednesday we will have a few.

So in the mean time, I told them we could make our own butterflies! Our classroom door still had the penguin on it so I figured this would be a great opportunity to change it up to something more summery (before the other teachers tarred and feathered me for still having winter stuff up!).

I took pictures of the kids and they clued their faces onto the butterflies. Now before you get to thinking I only have 8 kids, I have a second door for the rest of the butterflies!

These are the caterpillars, some were already in their pupa and others were just starting to form it at this point but now they are all in their pupa waiting to transform.
And while the rest of you suckers are working we have a LONG weekend here in Canada!! HAHA.....okay just kidding, you aren't suckers, but I am enjoying this beautiful day off. And of course I am working on report cards, so who's the sucker now?? Yup, that would be me!

Here is what is going on in my backyard right now:

And here is the deck that my talented husband made, it looks like  a disaster right now with all the bubble stuff out but that chair in the middle is the best spot to enjoy the sun!

And of course I did spend some time on this lovely long weekend creating a new activity! It's a set of task cards for contractions and it has the QR codes as well! I thought it would be great for a literacy center for Daily 5 or even just a word work activity as a whole class.  You can use the task cards with or without the QR codes, the QR code just allows the students to self check their work if they have access to a mobile device like an ipad with a QR scanner.

There are 2 sets of 52 task cards. One set has the contraction and the students have to decide which 2 words make up the contraction. The other set has the 2 words and students have to figure out what the contraction will be. There are also recording sheets for both sets of task cards. You can pick this great activity up here at my TPT store!


  1. This looks so cute!! Can I ask what program/website you use to create your QR codes?

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom