"I'm a Father!"

"I'm a Father!"....that's what one of my kids said today after his butterfly came out of its chrysalis. The whole class cracked up laughing. We've been watching these little creatures grow from eggs into beautiful butterflies and it reminds me of how the kids grow over the year (sniff, sniff...almost brings tears to my eyes).

I honestly thought the kids would lose interest in the butterflies after a few days but their interest is only growing, so I just keep providing more information and other opportunities to learn.

I read this adorable book to them, Butterfly Wishes by Frank Glew:

Next week when we set our butterflies free we will make a butterfly wish before we let them go. In the book "Butterfly Wishes", the butterfly is able to grant wishes but the catch is that the wish must be for someone else.  I'm going to make up a little sheet for them to record their wish on and then I'll stick a photo of them letting the butterfly go on it. I might laminate it and make this into an end of year gift for them as well....I'm still mulling this over for how it's going to look.

We also started 3D geometry today! I gave them a pile of 3D solids and asked them to sort them in an interesting way and record their sorting rule.

Next week we're going to learn about the properties of 3D Solids and we will do a little QR Code action as well. I made up some 3D solids task cards that you can see here in my TPT store.

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