Canadian Eh?!

If you're a Canadian teacher blogger come and link up with the rest of us!

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I love reading ALL of the blogs from my fellow teacher bloggers but I have to say, it's really great reading from other Canadian bloggers, especially the ones in my province.

I'm a Canadian Teacher Blogger, sing it loud and sing it proud! HOLLA 

Can't wait to read all these great Canadian blogs that I've linked up with!

Come and join the party!


  1. Yeah you found us! I am so happy to find another Ontario teacher blogger! I am super excited you linked up and you did such a great job of putting the button in the sidebar:) I am your newest follower:)

    1. Thanks, it actually forced me to figure out how to do that! And also how to create a link with an image, I didn't know how to do that before and always wanted to so I figured this was a great reason! I am really stoked to be linking up with other Canadian teachers too.

  2. I'm not Canadian, but I discovered your blog and became a follower. Visit my Oklahoma blog when you get a chance.