Busy, Busy, Busy!!! (and a science freebie!)

So many things have been happening over the last couple of weeks that would make GREAT blog posts but I just can't seem to find the time to write about it all! So I'm going to summarize it all in one post.

Here is the basic run down....

We had some guys from Australia come to teach our students how to play Footie, Netball and Cricket (I really didn't learn anything because I was too busy paying attention to their accents...anyone else love Australian accents?!)
Here they are playing Net Ball

We FINALLY finished our play...the one I blogged about here. These kids did amazing! I wish I could post the video but for privacy reasons I can't. They managed to raise $26.00 for our local Food Bank. It doesn't sound like a lot but my guys felt like it was a million dollars! And they were mentioned on our morning school wide announcements for being inspiring! One student stood up and shouted, "We're famous!". I was so proud of them.  I'm pretty sure their parents were too.  They got to come in and watch the play and enjoy some special treats with us.

Our simple machines/structures/materials unit is under way (I know....I'm all over the map on this one but I teach a grade 1 and 2 split so I'm trying to make it work).  We started with a penny slide experiment to get them talking about different materials and the purpose of those materials.  I hot glued wax paper, sand paper, plastic wrap, cardboard, tinfoil and felt on the back of pennies and we slid them down a giant piece of plastic to see which material was the fastest. I have included the experiment on my TPT Store as a freebie!

Finally, we completed a mock grocery store and sold items to the class of cuties next door! It's been a busy couple of weeks as we are trying to get every last bit of learning in that we can before summer break.........summer break.......summer break......I just keep repeating that to myself over and over again in hopes that it will get here sooner.

Anyone else feeling like they are crazy busy right now?


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